1. Lets Talk....Decorating



Decorating or in most cases re-decorating a room is one of my favourite things to do. Slapping a new shade on the wall, buying new furniture and filling it with odd bits of new decor and fresh smelling candles is very exciting but doesn't always go that well easily. 

I have just recently decorated my bedroom (which i will share photos of at a later point) and have gathered together a few tips that I found are important to consider when re-doing a room.

1. This may seem blatantly obvious but measure measure measure. Honestly, there is nothing worse than setting out a room in your mind, getting furniture you love then realising it doesn't fit or takes up too much space. Make sure to measure the room, spaces between furniture and consider things like skirting boards and windows/doors when measuring which may take up extra space.

2. Colour schemes. Even if you like mismatched rooms and/or you've collected pieces over a number of years, try and stick to a general colour scheme. For example, I stuck to grey and white for my bedroom. The walls are grey, the furniture is white but little pieces within the room add the colour and don't stick to theme, which gives the room its character.

3. Consider white. Whether its white walls, furniture or even a feature wall, white allows more light and makes a room look bigger and cleaner. I never noticed just how much white could make a difference until I changed my old wooden furniture for white pieces.

4. Try Minimalism. Now if you look up minimalism online it generally comes up with a bed in the middle of a massive room with a palette and one piece of art. But that's not what I mean. Try and have as little pieces of furniture as possible but make sure it's suitable and allows for ease in daily life. For example, before, I had two wardrobes, a bedside table, a dressing table and chest of drawers but I've realised I can survive just as well with just a long chest of drawers and clothes rail. Not only saving space but allowing light to flood in and make the room feel less busy.

5. Upcycle if you can. If you have old pieces or boxes etc. which you don't want to part with and also don't want to shove away in the back of a drawer then try upcycling. Whether that be painting to go with the colour scheme or changing the colour of door handles or building bits onto it, try it, it will save you money.

6. Choose blinds over curtains. Although it may be different for different rooms, curtainsIi find often are quite bulky, take up a lot of space and just dont really need to be there. Blinds however fit into the window, can be almost completely hidden when rolled up and cover just as much if not more of the window than curtains do. Now if youre not completely satisfied or feel the window to be a bit bare you could add some voiles. I did this as they are thin and add a freshness to the room especially when they are blown by the breeze through the window.

7. Dont overload tops of furniture. By this i mean dont put everything you own out on top of a chest of drawers even photos. It can be easy to keep buying cute decor pieces, candles, photo frames etc. but putting too much on counter tops or window sills can instantly make the room look messy, even if its not. 

8. Fold. I dont just mean clothes but any kind of linen, towels etc. This allows you to fit more into drawers and cupboards without the need of extra furniture or filling counter tops and is also very satisfying.

9. Find storage systems. Not necessarily the large built in ones that fill one side of the room but storage systems for drawers. Find little boxes or storage compartments that allow you to organise all the things in one area.

10. Use space you are given wisely. Less on the floor more on the walls. You will notice in each room, there is more wall space than floor space- it's right in front of your face screaming at you! It's telling you what to do, try and use up as little floor space as possible and put more on the walls, not only does it look neater but makes rooms look bigger. Shelves, art anything looks better than bulky pieces of furniture.

So, i hope that some of these will help some of you out there. These are just a few of the things I've learnt from decorating! Let me know any tips you have below but until next time,


As a little P.S. to this post. ADD GREENERY OR PLANTS. Whether they are real or fake, they look super cute with white and breathe life into any dull room.

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