2. Confidence.... My Personal Experience


As a teenager living a fairly normal lifestyle, going to school, meeting new people etc. its obvious that confidence issues is going to be somrthing I suffer with, whether thats in a really large or small form everyone does. Now im not going to sit here and talk about how badly confidence issues have affected my life and how my confidence is so much lower than anyone else in the world because quite frankly it hasnt and its not. Now im very lucky in the sense that im learning to be myself, ive managed to push past the barrier of caring about what other people may or may not think about me and am comfortable with myself and my life. 

Body Confidence: Whether you are seen as short or tall, typically slim or curvy or anything over or inbetween, someone at somepoint is going to say or think something that will push your confidence levels to rock bottom or in most cases someone may not even say something its just your head playing tricks on you. Now, I first really became self conscious (im going to use that term lightly as i wasnt conscious about my whole self just certain aspects) when i was about 11. In my primary school we went on weekly swimming trips - which can i add were awful- and at that age some people started puberty, some hadnt, some people were gaining weight some loosing it, which was obviously fine as everyone is different. It was at this time i would look at my legs and think how "big" they were in comparison to other girls in my year when quite frankly they werent. This lead to me judging myself and become conscious about things id never noticed before and looking back now, there was honestly no need for me to feel that way or anyone else for that matter.

Now im only 15 but ive come a long way in 4 years and its only recently that ive noticed this. Becoming older, having gone through the mostpart of puberty and maturing in myself has helped me become more confident. Now i havent lost any particular amount of weight that has made me feel this way, instead done little things to try and make me feel better. First of all ive been living a healthier lifestyle, eating healthier and getting some sort of excercise has not only made me a generally happier person but also helped my confidence as my skin has become clearer and im physically fitter. Also, last year i decided to start a mini program for myself where i would focus on one part of my body at a time and get it to where i wanted to be. For example recently ive focused on my hands, ive been wearing nail polish and/or false nails more frequently to allow my nails to grow (something ive always hated) and also been wearing rings etc. which i have been loving. Im going to then focus on my feet (which i had operations on and i now hate!) then my legs and so on. And little by little im learning to love who i am.

What im trying to get across in this post is things get better!
You dont need to do all this but having a healthy mindset it so important. Its not easy but you will get there. Now you dont have to change the way you look, just change the way your mind sees you. Just love yourself for who you are because YOU ARE beautiful.

I love you but until next time,

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  1. Yes things do get better and I know we've heard this time and again but "loving yourself" and the "right perspective" matters a lot. :)

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