3. Suicide Squad.... An Honest Review


Suicide squad- my honest review.
If im honest i dont know why it got such shocking reviews. There were parts of the movie in which you clench your fists with excitement but the moment seems to fizzle away but thats done for effect and is completely understandable! Its to make you want to see more rather than everything ever, happening in the first movie. 

Deadshot  was portrayed immensly well. You can tell, especially so compared to the other main characters that will smith is the most experienced actor of them all.  His use of body language, tonal range, movement and overall getting into the shoes of deadshot was phenomenal. The flashbacks and different parts of the movie where his daughter returns or he is reminded of her, bring about his true persona and we get to know quite a lot about him. We also see his character arc as with them all develop over the movie. I would LOVE to see more of deadshot in another movie.

Harley Quinn, again, amazing. Margot Robbie portrayed harleys character so well, not only the fun packed action women we see in the main parts of the film but also Dr Harleen Quinzel etc. in other parts of the movie. Margot kept sure the amount of funny, psycho, lover etc. that she used which really brought the character of Harley to life and shes a great new take on a female villain. She took the relationship between Harley/Harleen and the Joker as a real strong point of the movie however there was very little of it. Obviously, this was down to the editing rather than the actors themselves but it wouldve been lovely to see more of the relationship and the development of it from the asylum.

As for the joker, i am mildly upset at the fact we saw very little of him. It was almost like a "debut" for him which it shouldnt be considering hes been played by other actors before. I felt the small amount that we saw of the joker (played by jared leto) was worthwhile however I dont personally feel i saw enough of Jared to judge his portrayal of the character of the joker overall. He said himself  they shot so many more scenes, especially those of the joker and harley which just didnt make it and is very upsetting.  I hope there is a lot more in store for the joker and i am very excited to see what jared can bring to the table.

Diablo, captain boomerang etc. were all amazingly well presented and interesting characters but i felt no need to go into detail!

Now onto a character i didnt feel so strongly about.. the enchantress (played by the gorgeous but maybe not so great at acting Cara Delevigne). Overall Caras portrayal of the enchantress wasnt exactly awful.. it just wasnt professional and didnt excite me. The enchantress was such a key part of the film and the plot and i just felt there was very little character arc or real story line going with her character and she didnt bring her across well at all. Her acting was a little shoddy and although i know it is it seemed very "staged". I just felt they couldve chosen someone more experienced especially as the body language for the part was far more important than speech.

Im going to move swiftly out of the red zone and straight into the special effects area. Special effects in this film= insane, although there werent a lot, most actors doing their own stunts etc. They added that little bit of danger, magic and overall "villanous feel" to the movie which wouldnt have been as good without. 

    There were also certain reference to the          comics which i felt was a good touch              considering thats where it all started.

However the time scale of the making of the film was far too short. For a massive bluckbuster film like this, one that they knew would have so many people wanting it to be great, 6 weeks for writing just wasnt long enough. Im sure most people would rather have waited an extra year or so to make it extra special.

Overall considering the scenes shot by the actors, them having to do all their own stunts and the general storyline and plot (despite the editing which was a little shoddy)  the film was a great film  and would definetely one that id watch again. And i can see some of these characters namely deashot, harley and the joker advancing into big characters.

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