About Me


I'm Beatrice and I'm a fairly amateur photographer currently working with digital photography at GCSE Level. My tools are the simple but totally awesome Nikon D3200, the world and everything in it, no technical jargon, no fancy kit/gear and no big team of crew or editors. Just me and the camera. I'm a very creative person and express that through a number of means. Whether that be photography, interior design, fashion, story writing, the list could go on but I'll stop there to ensure I don't ramble!

About me personally, I'm a march baby an Aries (woo yeah!). I have blue eyes and brown hair. I'm a generally bubbly person, happy go lucky type who is very much family orientated and loves capturing special moments, whether that be a birthday party or family celebration or day out with family. I believe every moment to be special, so why not capture and treasure it. 

I find happiness and pleasure in the little things, the small coffee shops you find in narrow streets, cute lunch dates with my best friends, polaroid photos, playing scrabble with family on a winters evening in the cosy surroundings of our living room, twinkling lights on a Christmas tree, the aesthetically pleasing outfits you buy every now and again, giving presents and seeing peoples faces light up with a warm glow, meeting people you never thought you'd meet, doing things you never thought you'd do and seeing people smile.

So, enough about me. Who are you, what do you like and how would you describe yourself right now?